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Shift Your Mindset Journal: Sage Green

Shift Your Mindset Journal: Sage Green

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You are discovering the bestselling journal ‘Shift Your Mindset’ that does exactly what the title says. Your new journal covers topics such as gratitude, managing anxiety, confidence-building, goal setting, reducing overthinking, and daily check-ins, providing you with an invaluable tool to reach your full potential and skyrocket your mindset.

Tired of fighting against overthinking, self-criticism, negativity, anxiousness, lack of motivation, and feeling far from living a life you desire?

Staying stuck and not feeling good enough will not bring the changes you are looking for in life. With the Shift Your Mindset Journal, you can take steps to start believing in yourself, realising your worth, and cultivate a mindset of appreciation, confidence, and self-respect.

Why do I need this?
My years of journaling enabled me to make life-long positive changes. This journal is the result of years of therapy, mindset coaching, and books.

It has helped thousands of others to create a morning routine, unstoppable self-confidence, increased self-worth, and a literal ‘internal glow up.’ Its transformative power is undeniable.

What’s inside that makes it super unique?
This one-of-a-kind journal features three separate sections to help you improve your mindset. Don’t worry, each topic has information pages, so you are sure to never be left without a solution.

Section One - Daily Check-in

1. Daily Journal: This section provides a daily template that encourages you to be grateful, set and track goals, assess and appreciate your accomplishments, take a moment to self-reflect, be mindful of how you can live as your highest-self, and use uplifting affirmations.

SECTION TWO - Law of Attraction

2. Manifesting Your Positive Mindset: You can achieve a more positive, confident, and self-loving mindset like I did. By writing down your desired mentality, as if you already possess it, and visualising it, you will begin to act and attract it. This is an incredibly powerful practise.

3. Manifesting Your Dream Life: With the right guidance you can attract whatever you dream about! There is a whole information page on this to teach you the 4 steps of manifestation. Create a reality that reflects your highest goals and intentions.

SECTION THREE - Self-Development

4. Knowing Your Self-Worth: Understanding your self-worth is crucial in life; it dictates your decisions, your standards, and your experiences. You can do this by writing down just how worthy you are: I am hardworking, I am determined, I am loving, I am driven, I am enough, I am ambitious... the possibilities are limitless. By grasping the inner awareness of your worth, you will be better able to affect the choices you make and the circumstances you accept.

5. Managing Anxiety: This exercise involves three crucial psychologically correct steps to help you manage and overcome your anxiety. All information in this section has come from my therapist.

6. Brain Dumping: Journaling your thoughts gives you an opportunity to express feelings without fear of judgement, reduce overthinking and allows you to let out all of the emotion, accept it and move on! This is the same as when you talk to a friend; you’ll feel mentally lighter.

Why Internal Glow Up?
Internal Glow Up is somewhere that you will never feel alone.

We have an incredible community. Sunday Morning Journal Club is a community of like-minded individuals come together on a call that I host every Sunday morning to journal about different mindset topics together, e.g., self-belief, self-worth, self-confidence, goal setting and so much more. To join: see your order confirmation email. Everyone absolutely loves it!

I also provide tons of value daily on my social media: for mindset coaching: overcoming procrastination, fear of failure, limiting beliefs, perfectionism so you can take action and achieve your goals.

@Internal.glow.up for productivity, journaling and mindset tips.

Grab your journal to make the positive change today and join hundreds of people who are all in this self-development journey together.


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100s of 5* Reviews

"I love this Journal. It helps set the tone for my day making my mood shift into a better state with gratitude and appreciation for me and the life I have. It is truly allowing me to get in touch with my inner emotions."

"This journal is THE best! 😍 There is plenty of pages and enough room for what I want to put in there. Katie got my order to me within 2 days which was amazing considering I ordered later on in the day. I am more than pleased with my journal and I will be purchasing another when I fill in the original! Thank you so much😍"

"I don't typically leave reviews but wow these journals blew our minds! At first we were so pleased with the beautiful packaging, and then the journals themselves were so high quality and amazing especially for the price! I would purchase again and again! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!"

"Really good quality, exceeded my expectations. I like that it isn't dated, you put the dates in yourself. The time blocking feature is very helpful for productivity, and the prioritising of goals is a great idea. I've also got the journal and that is amazing too! Thank you :)"