Goals Planner. Undated. Monthly goal setting & monthly review. Visualisation. Manifestation. Vision Board. Self-belief. Overcoming failure. Milestones. Business, fitness, lifestyle & mindset goals. Yearly Reflection. Backed by science.

Goals Planner. Undated. Monthly goal setting & monthly review. Visualisation. Manifestation. Vision Board. Self-belief. Overcoming failure. Milestones. Business, fitness, lifestyle & mindset goals. Yearly Reflection. Backed by science.

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Welcome to your new Goals Planner that will teach you how to build the business, career, healthy lifestyle, mindset, and the life that you romanticise about every single day, in a way that no one ever tells you about. Why? Because it is backed by science.


We get it, you don’t think you are capable, you look at others and think ‘I wish I could have that body, confidence, business, financial freedom, life that they have,’ you fear failure, you can’t stick to healthy habits, and you have so many goals you don’t know where to start.


You’re here because you want it and you’re ready for it, you just need to know how. Without overcoming your limiting beliefs, reflecting on what’s working and what needs improving, realising where you are and what you have achieved, and driving failure into success, you are limiting yourself already. This planner will teach you how to set and achieve your goals properly.


Why do I need this?

At internalglowup, our books are backed by science, therapy, experience, podcasts, and books to make them the best they can be for your self-development journey. So many people are raving about how our books have completely changed the way they think, motivate them in wanting to become, and do better, and importantly with so much information available in each book, they never feel stuck.


What can I achieve with it?

You can now overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, build the healthy habits you need, and set goals *properly* all of which, are the core elements to achieving success. Whether that’s building your business, climbing up the ladder in your dream career, building your dream body, becoming more confident, or becoming financially free – we got you.


Let’s take a look inside:



Long-term goals: setting your goals for the next 12 months in each area of your life: career, health, mindset, and lifestyle.

Vision board: create a vision board for the next 10 months including pictures, words and quotes that describes the life you want to create

Write a letter: to your future self, talking as if they have achieved it all, they are living the exact life you are dreaming of and working towards now. Create that immense sense of excitement and visualisation.



Monthly review: reflect on what went well, what needs to be improved, things you want to leave behind and take into next month, and your achievements from last month. Reflection is SO important because it reinforces confidence and belief in your abilities, and it allows you to assess where you are at with achieving your long-term goals so you can move to where you want to be.

Monthly goals: setting goals in 4 key areas of your life for the next month that are getting you closer to your bigger long-term goals, using methods that create a huge sense of desire.

Foreshadowing failure: now this is contrasting to what everyone says, but science has recently shown when you focus on how it feels if you fail at your goal and think of solutions to stop that potential failure, it increases your chances of achieving your goals TWO TIMES. Check out the information page on this, the concept is super interesting.



Milestones: these are the small wins you are making along the way; you can keep looking at this list and adding to it knowing you are getting closer and closer to your long-term goals.

Self-belief: these are journal prompts to fill out whenever you are having doubts and fearing failure. Overcoming limiting beliefs is a huge factor in determining your success. This exercise will help with any negative beliefs you have.

Manifestation: Visualising your goals, making them feel real as possible and creating that sense of knowing that you will attract these goals is key. Don’t know how to manifest properly? Don’t worry the information page will teach you.



Yearly reflection: this is where you look back at everything you have achieved, the hard times that challenged you and you overcame, the milestones you hit, the person you have grown into and what you want to take into the next 12 months.


Grab your planner and just try it out, you won’t regret it when you can look back on this stage of your life knowing you have just entered a better one. It’s powerful stuff. It all starts with you and the choices you make. It’s time to step into our highest selves and join hundreds of people who are all in this self-development journey together.

Internal Glow Up is all about working on yourself from the inside and shifting your mindset so you can step into your highest, confident self to work towards the person, the mindset, and the life you dream about.

This planner can be used with any app that allows for PDF annotation: Notability, Goodnotes, Noteshelf and Xodo. The downloaded PDF when you purchase can be found under the “Purchases and Reviews Section” in your Etsy account, and a copy will be emailed to you too.

- Orders are non-refundable and non-cancellable due to the nature of the online/digital product

- If you have any questions, please feel free to message me before purchasing.

- This item must not be shared or re-sold.

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100s of 5* Reviews

"I love this Journal. It helps set the tone for my day making my mood shift into a better state with gratitude and appreciation for me and the life I have. It is truly allowing me to get in touch with my inner emotions."

"This journal is THE best! 😍 There is plenty of pages and enough room for what I want to put in there. Katie got my order to me within 2 days which was amazing considering I ordered later on in the day. I am more than pleased with my journal and I will be purchasing another when I fill in the original! Thank you so much😍"

"I don't typically leave reviews but wow these journals blew our minds! At first we were so pleased with the beautiful packaging, and then the journals themselves were so high quality and amazing especially for the price! I would purchase again and again! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!"

"Really good quality, exceeded my expectations. I like that it isn't dated, you put the dates in yourself. The time blocking feature is very helpful for productivity, and the prioritising of goals is a great idea. I've also got the journal and that is amazing too! Thank you :)"