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The Productivity Book Lilac Blush - Your Ultimate Daily & Weekly Planner

The Productivity Book Lilac Blush - Your Ultimate Daily & Weekly Planner

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Product Description:

Unlock your full potential and master productivity the right way with our exclusive Productivity Book! Designed for ambitious and driven individuals who juggle multiple tasks, projects, and goals, this hardback A5 planner is your ultimate tool to become your most organised, productive, and confident self.

Key Features:

  1. The Productivity Handbook, Strategies and Insights: Kickstart your journey with an informative front section that includes expert guidance on proper planning, productivity tips, time-blocking techniques, dealing with setbacks, and staying consistent.

  2. Weekly Planning: Organise your week with a weekly schedule and goals, helping you to set a clear direction for your upcoming tasks and priorities.

  3. Daily Schedule: Elevate your daily productivity with sections for gratitude, today's goals, small and important task lists, project planning, actionable steps, time-blocking, notes, mindset shifts, and a habit tracker. Our planner empowers you to break down your projects into manageable tasks, eliminating the stress of overwhelming workloads.

  4. Premium Quality: Each page is made of high-quality 120GSM paper to ensure your thoughts and plans are captured with clarity and durability.

  5. Variety of Colours: Choose from five different colours, including a limited edition version, to match your style and personality.


  • Master time-blocking to create a structured schedule.
  • Categorise tasks into small, important, and projects for better organisation.
  • Set and track daily habits, cultivating lasting positive changes.
  • Gain a realistic mindset about what's achievable each day.
  • Plan weekly and daily goals with actionable steps for guaranteed progress.
  • Access valuable insights on handling productivity challenges and setbacks.
  • Experience a productivity solution that has been tested, validated, and improved based on real user feedback.

Target Audience:

  • Business owners
  • Corporate professionals
  • Students
  • Ambitious individuals with diverse responsibilities and goals

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

The Productivity Book is created by The Mindset Coach who understands the science behind habits, productivity, and procrastination. With a deep knowledge of the subconscious mind and extensive experience in running businesses while pursuing education, this planner offers a unique approach to productivity and mindset growth.


This planner is born from the author's personal journey of balancing multiple roles, businesses, education, and personal life while maintaining a high level of productivity.

How to use the book: 

Use this planner on a weekly basis to lay out your goals that you will achieve that week, to to task dump, creating a rough plan for the week. Daily, set your goals, action them, and build momentum by ticking off small tasks with estimated timeframes to prevent catastrophising. Transition to ticking off important tasks, and acknowledge and progress with your current projects with actionable daily tasks. Time-block your day for a visual schedule. Set three habits, work on mental reframing, and jot down essential notes.

Join our community at @internal.glow.up for daily productivity and mindset tips to help you along your journey. 

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