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Daily Productivity Planner: Sage Green

Daily Productivity Planner: Sage Green

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The Productivity Planner

Discover the bestselling Daily Productivity Planner to boost your efficiency, improve organisation, reduce procrastination, and keep you focused on your daily tasks, achieving greater productivity.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay organised? Procrastinating can make it difficult to reach your goals. Our Daily Productivity Planner will help you to focus on what is important, sets goals, time blocks tasks, and prioritise your to-do lists, so you develop a strategic approach to your tasks and stay on track. 

Why do I need this?

Thousands of individuals swear by this planner because of its simple, yet strategic productivity methods backed by those used in Harvard science studies, leaving you feeling more organised than ever and avoiding feelings of overwhelm.

What can I achieve with this?

You can now manage your time and energy effectively, achieve better focus and organise your daily tasks to accomplish more in less time, without feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating. Now you are ticking tasks off with ease, you can get one step closer to reaching those goals without letting procrastination in between you and your goals.

3 Planning methods in the Daily Productivity Planner:

  1. Task dump:

- Create a clear weekly overview and declutter your mind by ‘dumping’ down everything you everything you need to do this week onto paper for the week, including social, appts, meetings, gym etc.

  1. Time blocking

- Take the task dump from Monday and put those tasks and activities into realistic time-blocks.

- Make sure you have accounted time for rest, getting changed, eating, commuting etc. This way you will create a realistic schedule and won’t feel overwhelmed.

  1. Prioritised to-do lists

- Instead of writing a long overwhelming to-do list, prioritise your tasks. High priority urgent tasks come first, then medium priority important tasks come after you have completed high priority, followed by low priority that come last if you have time left.

 Added extras:

Daily Gratitude: this is about realising where you are, how far you have come and what you already have - great to boost overall happiness!

Short- and Long-term Goals: goal setting is super important to keep your tasks and priorities aligned with your goals, so you are consistently working towards you future self every week.

Notes: anything reminders/habits etc that are important to keep at the front of your mind.

Duration of planner: 6 months

Grab your planner, it is finally time to step into your highest self, work towards your goals and be productive without feeling overwhelmed!

I also provide tons of productivity hacks, tips on how to overcome procrastination and lots of mindset shifts that help will help you to achieve your goals. Follow and @internal.glow.up on instagram! 

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100s of 5* Reviews


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100s of 5* Reviews

"I love this Journal. It helps set the tone for my day making my mood shift into a better state with gratitude and appreciation for me and the life I have. It is truly allowing me to get in touch with my inner emotions."

"This journal is THE best! 😍 There is plenty of pages and enough room for what I want to put in there. Katie got my order to me within 2 days which was amazing considering I ordered later on in the day. I am more than pleased with my journal and I will be purchasing another when I fill in the original! Thank you so much😍"

"I don't typically leave reviews but wow these journals blew our minds! At first we were so pleased with the beautiful packaging, and then the journals themselves were so high quality and amazing especially for the price! I would purchase again and again! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!"

"Really good quality, exceeded my expectations. I like that it isn't dated, you put the dates in yourself. The time blocking feature is very helpful for productivity, and the prioritising of goals is a great idea. I've also got the journal and that is amazing too! Thank you :)"