Journal Q + A

Questions I get asked about Journaling:

1. How often do you journal? 

= I journal around 3 times a week. I never put pressure on myself to do it, I do it when it feels right or if I am in need of it. I practice gratitude daily and I set goals daily in my planner, weekly and monthly too. During my ED recovery, I journaled every single day (give or take) for around 6 - 8 months and it changed my life as I got addicted to the positive benefits of it. 

2. Where and how do you start? 

My advice is to get a journal that tells you exactly what to do. Pick 2 - 3 exercises out of the journal depending on which areas of your mind you want to grow (i.e., confidence, self - love, goal setting etc) and go from there. Start small and build from depending on how fast and how much you want to 'self - develop.'

3. What are the best topics to journal about?

= It depends on what you want to work on. My journal has 7 different mindset topics and information pages with each one. You will naturally get a feel on which ones you want to work on the most as you know yourself best. But I recommend completing all exercises frequently, for maximum results. 

4. Where did you learn all these exercises? 

= Therapy, podcasts, self - development books and speaking with a mindset coaching. 

5. Do you ever look back on your journal notes? 

= Yes! If I ever come across an old notebook during my eating disorder recovery I have a read through and it is so nice to see how far I have come and realise there are some things that I no longer struggle with! I suggest keeping your journals so you can reflect. 

6. How often do you manifest? 

= Once a week, unless there is a time that I feel like I really want to do it. 


For ambitious, driven individuals who need to juggle multiple tasks and projects

The Productivity Book is for you if you:

- Need clarity, organisation and a sense of control over your schedule

- You have lots of different tasks, projects, self-development to-do's and socials to balance.

- You thrive off organisation

- You want to 10-fold your productivity and work smarter.

The Productivity Book

For individuals looking to self-develop

The Self-Development Journal is for you if you

- Want a 5-min morning check in to raise your energy

- you overthink and need to write it out

- you want to learn how to manifest

- you want to become more confident and positive

- you want to build an incredible sense of self-worth

Shift Your Mindset

For individuals who thrive off routines

The Daily Journal is for you if you,

- Want to replace scrolling with a positive start

- Feel a deep sense of gratitude, achievement, and proudness.

- Know a simple morning and evening routine would make all the difference to your mood and productivity

- Want to keep yourself accountable with daily goals, wins, and mindset shifts.

Shift Your Energy

For individuals with big goals and a tunnel vision, without the overwhelm

This Goals Planner is for you if you,

- Have big goals but want to have those broken down into smaller monthly goals

- Need accountability and to stay on track with your yearly goals

- You have career, health, mindset and self-development goals

- You love to visualise your goals

- You want to celebrate each milestone along the way

- You want to improve your self-belief so you stop procrastinating and take action

- Want to join a like-minded community and set goals together each month

Goals Planner

For like-minded individuals who want to become part of a self-development community to improve routines, habits, productivity & mindset, whilst having fun.

For you if you,

- Want to be part of a community of like-minded individuals

- Learn about your mindset in depth

- Have better routines, habits and productivity

- Journal about different mindset topics with the community

- Celebrate your wins and mindset growth in the group chat

- Have a lot of fun and feel so supported!

Journal Club