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Shift Your Energy Daily Journal: Baby Blue

Shift Your Energy Daily Journal: Baby Blue

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Introducing our brand new Daily Journal, "Shift Your Energy with Brighter Mornings and Calmer Evenings" – the ultimate way to kickstart and conclude your day with purpose.

What's Inside?

This journal is your daily non-negotiable, featuring thoughtfully designed prompts for both your morning check-in and evening reflection.

Morning Check-In: Begin your day on a brighter note by setting your intentions, practicing gratitude, defining non-negotiables, and crafting a vision for how you want your day to unfold.

Evening Reflection: Wind down by reflecting on the day's journey, celebrating your win's, clarifying the habits you want to complete for tomorrow, embracing the lessons you've learned, and letting go of any challenges you wish to leave behind.

What Sets This Journal Apart?

Enhance Your Self-Awareness: In every evening reflection, you'll find an intriguing 'night time thought' from Internal Glow Up. These thoughts span a variety of mindset topics, and they invite you to add your personal thoughts, igniting self-awareness and self-development.

Why Choose This Journal?

Our journal is your daily source of positivity and self-awareness. It guides you in appreciating yourself and the day's achievements, serving as a constant reminder that every day is filled with reasons to be grateful and small wins to be proud of. Embrace brighter mornings and calmer evenings with this unique journal that empowers you to step into your best self.


  • Self-Awareness: Gain a better understanding of your thoughts and actions.
  • Positive Mindset: Practise gratitude and celebrate daily achievements.
  • Focused Intentions: Set clear daily goals and priorities.
  • Stress Reduction: Unload daily stress and embrace peace in the evening.
  • Mindset Growth: Explore diverse mindset topics for personal growth.
  • Progress Tracking: Track your daily achievements and stay motivated.
  • Healthy Habits: Develop better routines and habits.
  • Productivity: Improve daily productivity with clear intentions.
  • Gratitude: Cultivate gratitude for the small joys in life.
  • Emotional Balance: Find resilience through reflection and lessons.
  • Consistency: Establish a structured daily routine.
  • Self-Development: Continuously work on self-improvement.
  • Time Management: Plan your day efficiently for optimal use of time.
  • Wins Celebration: Boost self-esteem by celebrating daily victories.

 Target Audience: 

  • Professionals, entrepreneurs, and students seeking improved time management and a positive mindset.
  • Self-improvement individuals and creative professionals looking for structure and personal growth.
  • Individuals in need of stress relief and positivity & well-being enhancement.
  • Mindset and self-development individuals interested in self-awareness.
  • Wellness and mindfulness individuals valuing balance and positivity.
  • Gift shoppers seeking meaningful presents for self-development individuals.

Premium quality:

High-quality 120GSM pages, a stylish linen A5 hardback cover in four different colours making it a top choice for various individuals looking to enhance their daily routines and mindset.

 Join our community at @internal.glow.up for daily productivity and mindset tips to help you along your journey. 

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100s of 5* Reviews

"I love this Journal. It helps set the tone for my day making my mood shift into a better state with gratitude and appreciation for me and the life I have. It is truly allowing me to get in touch with my inner emotions."

"This journal is THE best! 😍 There is plenty of pages and enough room for what I want to put in there. Katie got my order to me within 2 days which was amazing considering I ordered later on in the day. I am more than pleased with my journal and I will be purchasing another when I fill in the original! Thank you so much😍"

"I don't typically leave reviews but wow these journals blew our minds! At first we were so pleased with the beautiful packaging, and then the journals themselves were so high quality and amazing especially for the price! I would purchase again and again! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!"

"Really good quality, exceeded my expectations. I like that it isn't dated, you put the dates in yourself. The time blocking feature is very helpful for productivity, and the prioritising of goals is a great idea. I've also got the journal and that is amazing too! Thank you :)"